Steamexfire 300

The smallest inert gas generator in the Steamexfire range is the Steamexfire 300. The 300 is very suitable for extinguishing fires in smaller spaces like machine rooms, small warehouses, ships, utility tunnels, mechanical car parks and underground mines.

SEF 300

For the mining industry, this system could be used for inertisation of long wall geof sections as well. Inertisation could be done from the surface through bore holes, also for suppressing fires. 
The system exists of 1 module of 2.7 meters long. The system is easy to transport ,for example by helicopter, because of its dimensions and weight. The system runs on kerosene (Jet A1), heating oil, paraffin or diesel. 

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Technical details

 Dimensions(LxWxH) approx. 2.7x0.8x0.9 meter
 Weight            approx. 500 kg
 Fuel consumption approx. 300 l/h
 Water consumption  approx. 4 m3/h
 Output   approx. 3 m3/sec

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