Who we are

Steamexfire BV (Ltd) is a subsidiary company of Liberty Gasturbine International, and specializes in: 

  - Research & Development and production of turn-key
    Steamexfire systems
  - Sales and lease of complete systems and packages
  - Suppressing fires by deploying our Steamexfire 
     systems, including a team of operators, as a call out service on

     contract base

Jet Inertisation like the Steamexfire system will be a commonly used inertisation method to extinguish fires in enclosed environments.

Steamexfire turns fires -out of control-  into  -under control-.

As an independent international company we serve the emergency market. To suppress large fires in enclosed spaces we apply an inertisation process such that the environment will get inert to prevent and stop combustion. Our experience and expertise leaded us to become a solid and major player in the emergency market.
We specialize in fighting mine fires and tunnel fires on the base of various developed methods. For this we apply the Steamexfire system: a high flow inert gas generator producing unlimited inert gas with low percentages of oxygen, mixed with steam and water vapour.
Several Steamexfire systems including a team of operators are available 24/7 to turn out to any emergency site worldwide. Because of our independence we are able to perform fast and cost effective rescue and fire fighting operations globally.
Besides the use of the Steamexfire system during emergency situations, the Steamexfire system can be purchased or leased for a permanent or mobile implementation.

Our cooperation partners are global Mine & Rescue organisations, and tunnel engineering companies. Click on our Cooperations page to read more.

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Latest news