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Over the last 27 years, the combined companies of the Liberty Gasturbine International organisation has build a solid organisation, and gained specific experience and expertise in suppressing underground fires and fires in enclosed environments. Also new techniques have been introduced to reduce smoke as a consequence of large (industrial) fires.

Some issues that deserve attention is smoke and gas analyses by using gas chromatograph apparatuses, smoke color analyses, energy of fires, the shortage of water, etc.
Extinguishing fires from “outside” is an actual issue nowadays. The method of inertisation can be utilized in order to fight fires in a safe manner from outside. We have extensive experience in this field.
Smoke and poisoned gasses (example: amonia) forms a giant problem in civil areas. We have experience with aerosol producing machines, with throw lengths up to 200 meters. This high flow aerosol generators is nowedays well known as the Turbine Response System 2500 Aerosol Genrator (TRS2500AG).

Several international scientifically investigations have been conducted in order to prove the effect of these techniques. Users of this technology are Mine and Rescue Organisations, major Mining Organisations, refineries, petro-chemical plants like BASF, Wacker Chemie, Evonik, Vattenfall, Currenta and BTF. 

Our customers can be find in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, Norway, Ukraine, USA, South Africa, China, India, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Russia and Canada.

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