Steamexfire BV is linked to major global strategic business partners

The Netherlands
Movares is one of the largest engineers organizations related to infrastructure. Movares is involved in tunnel safety and plays a major role in design of tunnels, safety systems in tunnels and design.
Svitzer Salvage
Svitzer is a maritime salvage organisation with satellites everywhere in the world. Svitzer is involved with large ship fires, and use Steamexfire systems when applicable.
C.S.R.G. is Poland’s Mine & Rescue organization and is the leading safety operation for all Poland’s 150 mines. Steamexfire trains operators to be able Steamexfire systems.
Micon Mining/Phoenix 1 Response
Phoenix is one of USA’s most important organization in first response mine rescue in fire related issues.  Phoenix and Steamexfire share inertisation equipment and techniques. Our cooperation’s enables Phoenix to supply 50 cubic meters (approx 500 C.F.S) of inert product per second to mines on fire in the USA.
Steamexfire-Ukraine is involved in Steamexfire units in the Ukraine, and acts as an independent company in supplying our systems in the Ukraine. 
We maintain bonds with Q.M.R.S. and Simtars in Queensland. Both organizations are one the world’s leading organizations in Mine Rescue and gas chromatography. 


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