Jet inertisation for undergroud mine fires

For immediate assistance call us as soon as possible.

We can sent out a Steamexfire jet inertisation system within 24 hours including our own operators, as a call out emergancy service. We work with a standard contract, after agreeing on the commercial aspects, we will start the operation. After consulting your specialists, the local mine ande rescue organizations, and agreeing on the masterplan of attacking the fire, we can push the button.
We offer three different jet inert gas generators, with various capacity:

Steamexfire 300
Steamexfire 1000
Steamexfire 2500

Besides selling or leasing our equipment for mine fires we offer groups of collieries a levy system where we place a mobile system on a strategic point in individual countries. All mines pay a contribution which makes sure that in case of an emergency, all mines have full access to a system. As soon as the truck with equipment drives to the mine in question, our operators will fly over to setup the system and operate it. With this levy system mine and rescue organisations, and mines as well, don't need its own operators. Service and maintenance is done by Steamexfire BV.

We have turn-key systems available 24/7.
Please contact us for more details.


Steamexfire prototype in action in South Africa
Steamexfire 2500 killing a minefire on Spitsbergen Island

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