Steamexfire 2500, the largest jet inertisation gas generator globaly available.

The Steamexfire 2500 jet inertisation system is available in two configurations: mobile and permanent. The Steamexfire 2500 system main feature is its enormous capacity which makes it the ideal system to extinguish fires in large, voluminous environments. Another unique feature is the safety/test valve to protect the system from sudden backpressure and to enable system tests without stopping activities (for example: stopping traffic in tunnels).

Typical applications:

Because of the lack of sufficient fire suppression systems in a lot of tunnels, and the enormous heat and smoke development during fires, makes tunnel fires one of the most difficult to extinguish. Besides this its hard to seal of one side of a tunnel (sometimes necessary) in order to kill a tunnel fire. We have resolved both problems by using an inflatable tunnel plug in combination with a permanent or mobile Steamexfire 2500 system. Click here for several emergency scenarios to fight tunnel fires.  

Steamexfire 2500-mobiel during inertisation of a tunnel

The only thing needed to inertise warehouses is a round hole of 80 cm to connect the Steamexfire 2500 system with the building. Nothing else is required to perform a fast and effective inertisation process (extinguishing fires).

Steamexfire 2500-mobiel during inertisation of a factory storage

Underground mines
The Steamexfire 2500 system is the ultimate machine to extinguish large, raging underground mine fires. The whole process can be safely performed from the surface by using boreholes or ventilation shafts to transport the product to the affected area. We are experienced: we recently extinguished two major underground coal mine fires in South Africa and Norway. We have several Steamexfire systems 24/7 available for fast response emergency actions.

Steamexfire 2500 killing a minefire on Spitsbergen Island

Bulk storages
Bulk fires usually causing nasty combustion gasses and smoke. These can possible lead to evacuation of companies and civilians. These inconveniences can be greatly reduced by the use of a Steamexfire system because of the insertion of large quantities of inert gas mixed with water vapour and steam. Again, fire-fighters do not need to go inside anymore.  

Steamexfire 2500 mobile

Petrochemical industry
Preventive as repressive inertisation are common used methods to prevent ignition and combustion. Inert gas generators averagely produces max 1m3/second contrary the Steamexfire 2500 system, which produces average 25m3/second. Therefore this system is the best to inertise large tankers, silo’s, and oil storage tanks. 

Technical specification:
Engine: LGH 2500
Total weight: approx. 4.500 kg
Total length: approx. 13,5 metre
Output: approx. 18-30 m3/second
Fuel consumption: max 2.500 litre/hour
Water consumption: max 25 m3 litre/hour
Electric power: 400V, 40kW (required)

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