Steamexfire 1000 jet inertisation unit, the middle size inert gas generator

One of the main features of the Steamexfire 1000 system is its modular design. Each module is 2 meters long and can be lifted by four men. The system can be assembled on spot in ten minutes. Therefore the Steamexfire 1000 system is very suitable for:

  - Underground mines (the system can be taken underground)
  - Ship/vessel fires (ship’s hold) click here for more information

Steamexfire 1000

The Steamexfire 1000 system can easily be mounted on a small truck or trailer which makes this set-up suitable for extinguishing fires in:

  - Mechanical parking spaces
  - Utility tunnels
  - Storages
  - Silo’s
  - Inertisation of longwall geof's (click here for mining stoppings)

Steamexfire 1000 in full lay-out

Technical details:
Engine: Rolls Royce
Total weight: approx. 1000 kg
Total length: approx. 6 metre
Output:  max 12 m3/second
Fuel consumption:  max 1.200 litre/hour
Water consumption:  max 10 m3 litre/hour
Electric power:  400V, 10Kw (required)

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